MicroGear does more than you think. Aside from our physical warehouse and website, MicroGear can also be found in various online and published magazines around the nation.
Starting in the aerospace industry, MicroGear was founded in 1994 by George Tahan who has over 30 years of machining experience. Situated in one of the most prominent machining cities in Southern California, MicroGear is a premier engineering firm that has been devotedly operating in an approach to which only highly trained mechanical engineers can work. MicroGear outgrew its old warehouse in 1999 and moved into a larger more accommodating 10,000 square foot warehouse where all our products are engineered designed, built and manufactured in-house to ensure complete customer satisfaction and a high standard of quality control. We carry and operate a large stable of state-of-the-art CNC machines, gear cutting machines and more. The result? Our customers get what they need every time, on time, and at a competitive price.

MicroGear is leading the industry with its MicroCheck software, the best gear analyzing system on the market today. It makes your instruments more precise, quicker and easier to use than ever before. It enables your machine to run automatically with a touch of a button or manually to your own tailored specifications. Complete measurements are performed with a simple mouse click providing you with highly accurate graph results. It makes your testing needs quick, easy, and accurate.